BIOLAB – the No. 1 in progesterone assays for animal health and farming

The Biolab company is specialised in techniques used in the determination of the hormone progesterone.

We develop and produce several progesterone detecting methods, which are marketed by the name HORMONOST®.

Our range of products comprise the complete array of progesterone assays which are of importance to research and practice: quantitive laboratory methods for serum and milk samples, optic-visual, the so-called “do-it-yourself” semi-quantitative rapid assay, also good for farmers. A progesterone testing device completes our product range. The FertilityBox® ideally combines a rapid assay with a quantitative result display. The latter was possible until now only by expensive laboratory machines and was offered so far only by specialised lab service companies.

Our products meet the highest quality requirements. This to us means high reliability of test results, which can be attained with the lowest possible effort, and extremely long shelf-life of the test kits as also the apparatus.

The aspect of practicality is of vital importance in Biolab products. That means maximum test speed and minimal handling. What sets us apart from other providers is that the aspect of practicality is not solely the most important one but instead is always interconnected with the optimum reliability of the results.

Our customer friendly philosophy created by product reliablity and quality in addition to expertise guidance is what characterises us and is highly valued by many loyal customers.


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