BIOLAB – the No. 1 in progesterone assays for animal health and farming

Biolab GmbH München was founded in 1980 to bring affordable progesterone assays onto the market that could be used in animal health and farming; in other words, its aim was to break free from the high prices demanded by the (human) pharmaceutical industry.

Biolab brought the first non-radioactive steroid hormone assay onto the market in 1982. A quantitative milk progesterone assay Hormonost® Mikrotiter ELISA is still today an important part of Biolab’s products.

Biolab was the inspiration for numerous imitations and new companies that were set up in the USA, Ireland, Great Britain, France, Austria, Italy and Greece to produce progesterone EIA or ELISA. These were, however, unable to meet the same high standard of reliable test results and user-friendly assays. Inconsistencies that subsequently occurred in practice, which couldn’t remain hidden forever from the critical eyes of veterinarians and farmers, proved harmful to the principal of the "progesterone assay" in general.

Since 1992, Biolab has been setting new standards for blood and milk tests with a product line called Hormonost®, a highly reliable semi-quantitative "do-it-yourself" milk progesterone assay for veterinarians and farmers. It was proofed, found, and published by scientists to be of the highest reliability compared to any other progesterone assay under examination (see paper "Accuracy of current rapid milk progesterone assays in comparison with a laboratory bound test" Summary in English).

This success has been repeated from 1993 onwards, when Hormonost® Hündin, a dog side rapid assay came on the market. Some scientists and many customers found then, as they do today, that it is the only semi-quantitative progesterone assay to predict or confirm the right date of insemination in bitches, one that accurately predicts more  than 95% of pregnant bitches - to be exact, not only a 97-100% success rate, but also 30-100% more puppies, as compared to competitive progesterone assays (see Publications/Hündin).

The accuracy of Hormonost® assays was confirmed by many other prominent veterinarians: all veterinary clinics in universities throughout Germany are working with semi-quantitative progesterone rapid assays Hormonost® (see References). For this reason, Biolab was not only the first company to offer progesterone assays, but in terms of quality, it is also the leading progesterone assay supplier on the world market

Biolab has its own developmental unit, registered designs protected by law, trademarks, patents and test-kit production facilities.

Hormonost® was named the No. 1 in comparative critical studies - e.g. in cowside assays for checking fertility - by the agricultural magazine "top agrar" and the top veterinarian journal "Tierärztliche Praxis".

BIOLAB with Hormonost® progesterone assays – the No. 1 on the market and in quality.


Reputation of the “Progesterone test” principle / Development of the Hormonost® rapid assay - cause and necessity

The Biolab team in 2010