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FertilityBox® Dog Type 5.49 – the most cost-efficient and best reliable progesterone measuring device to predict the mating date of dogs

All is new in May. Also our electronic progesterone test device for predicting mating time in bitches, which is on the market under the new type name “FertilityBox®Dog Type 5.49”, after a comprehensive and successful update......more


FertilityBox® Universal

One for all!FertilityBox® Universal provides numerous opportunities for fertility control of many domestic animals. The device measures progesterone concentrations in serum (horses, dogs, cattles, pigs and camelides) as well as......more


Timeless relevant – fairly priced progesterone testing equipment for the fertility management of dairy cows

Why buy a big, expensive device when a small one is more accurate, faster and more advanced? The little progesterone measuring device Hormonost®-Microlab Farmertest has been developed further and is now available as a complete......more


Mating time determination: what dog breeders say about it – a service from Biolab München for success orientated breeders

Our progesterone test Hormonost® Hündin (Bitch) works with blood serum. Veterinary practices or gynaecological clinics carry out the test as more veterinary skills are required to find the right time for mating. Therefore,......more


“I can rely 99% on Hormonost!”

A farmer reports back on “Hormonost®-Microlab Farmertest” and its 99% reliability. This is something one usually only hears from the sales people of other progesterone testing machines but without the same kind of experience to......more


Determining the time for mating using a progesterone test: availability and product maintenance of Hormonost® Hündin (Bitch)

Target® test not available … again? Biolab is always ready to deliver!The progesterone test Hormonost® Hündin (Bitch) is always in stock and can be delivered immediately. All of a sudden, dozens of small animal veterinary......more

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